Get Involved In Pine City's Community Action Plan!


Members of the Community Action Plan have reached out with excellent questions and requests for information. Below is a list of resources that we hope you find helpful in your research. Contact us with any other information requirements you might have.
•  Beacon is a free and easy-to-use mapping tool that gives information on property ownership, size and more. Once you zoom into Pine City, try clicking on the Zoning Layers on the left side of the map to see what zoning district a property is in. For questions about what the requirements are for a particular zoning district check out Chapter 13 of Pine City's Code of Ordinances . 

•  Depth map of Cross Lake and Snake River


•  Snake River Water Trail - This DNR map shows rapids, carry-in access points, trailer access points and more. 


•  Pine City Zoning Map


•  Map of Pine City Sidewalks and Trail

Please note that there is also a database of City sidewalks (spreadsheet, photos of repairs needed, etc.) that is available to you. Contact if you would like a link to this file. 




•  Drawings of proposed City Hall redesign with business offices in lower floor and 2nd floor. 

- Information on proposed City Hall redesign (from 2022 grant application)


•  2019 Community Center Needs Survey


•  Pine City Housing Demand Market Study


•  2018 Retail and Service Market Analysis of the City of Pine City


•  Hotel Market Feasibility Study


•  2009 Minnesota Design Team presentation




•  Pine City Revolving Loan Fund Info Sheet - Funding opportunities through the Pine City EDA to attract new businesses and retain area businesses. 


•  Greater Pine Area Endowment - The GPAE is a local organization that works with the Initiative Foundation to offer grants for non-profits, government units and schools for a variety of projects that lead to job creation, community pride, quality of life and more. 




•  Pine City 2013 Comprehensive Plan


•  Pine City's Code of Ordinances 




•  "A grocery store and so much more" - Initiative Foundation story on self-serve grocery store in Evansville, MN. 








Pine City's Community Action Plan process is moving forward!

Monday, JULY 31 - 6:30pm


Kickoff Meeting Video

Couldn't make it to the Community Action Plan kickoff meeting? Watch a video of the meeting to find out more, and then sign up to get involved!
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Couldn't make it to the Community Action Plan Kickoff event? No problem! Use our online form to sign up and get involved: 


Listen to a conversation between Joe Keyport of WCMP and Todd Streeter of Community Collaboration talking about the Community Action Plan!
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The Community Action Plan (CAP) committee is part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan update
that will shape the future of Pine City for the next 10 to 20 years.
“For those who can’t attend a gathering, we will be accepting committee participation
throughout the duration of the project, so please join in when you are able,” said Todd
Streeter, project facilitator.
The newly formed project committee will include six subcommittees developing new ideas,
concepts and recommendations during the 4-5 month CAP process.
  • Community Connectivity (Transportation & Infrastructure)
  • Community Pride (Public Facilities, Safety & Services)
  • Creating Community (Land Use & Housing)
  • Downtown Revitalization (Economic Development)
  • Economic Prosperity (Economic Development)
  • Quality of Life (Parks, Trails and Recreation)
All interested Pine City area residents, business owners and organizations are encouraged to
attend and learn how their interests, knowledge, and talents will contribute to a thriving Pine
City for the next 20 years.
The CAP project team includes City staff and consultant Todd Streeter, principal, Community
For additional information and committee participation opportunities, interested participants are encouraged to
attend a meeting. They may also visit the Community Action Plan page at, or contact Pine County Economic Development Coordinator Lezlie Sauter
at 320-591-0019 or