PFAS Update

PFAS update.
The City of Pine City has been working closely with the Minnesota Department of Health over the last several years monitoring PFAS. To recap, in 2019 there was PFAS detected in well #5 which is one of two wells that feed the north water treatment plant, At this time the city made the decision to put well # 5 into emergency status only. Since that time there has not been water fed to the treatment plant with
well #5.
Fast forward to 2024, the EPA announced the proposed Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for six PFAS. The proposed PFAS MCL does not require any action until finalized, The EPA sets an MCL and a Hazard lndex to determine compliance. The MDH also sets a Health Risk lndex.
The City of Pine City is in compliance with both the Hazard lndex and the Health Risk lndex. However, there is an elevated concentration in two of the contaminants (PFOA and PFOS). Therefore, the City of Pine City, which has satisfied the current sampling period, will begin a three-year initial sampling period to collect data on PFAS and its effects on the system.
The city will be meeting with SEH (which is the city's engineering consultants) on June 4th to discuss the data collected thus far and talk about future treatment options if necessary. lf you have any questions for the MN Department of Health either visit their website MN Dept of Health - PFAS or call 651-201-4700.

Proposed Ordinance Amendments

The City of Pine City will be presenting two Ordinance Amendments to the City Council and Public at the Regular City Council Meeting on May 16, 2024. These proposed Ordinance Amendments can be seen on our website or at City Hall (1015 Hillside Ave SW) on the bulletin board.