Commissions, Boards and Committees - CURRENT OPENINGS


Open until filled

Position Objectives:

The City Council of the City of Pine City is seeking citizens with diverse backgrounds and experiences to play a crucial role in public policy development, implementation, and review for the City Council.  Serving in an advisory capacity on a City of Pine City commission, board, or committee is one of the most effective ways for citizens to influence City policies and activities. Volunteering provides an opportunity for citizen participation in the process of government. Being a committee member also serves as a training ground for citizens to learn and increase their knowledge and skills by working with a variety of people on issues that might not otherwise be a part of their private lives.

Minimum Requirements:

To be considered for an appointment, volunteers should have an honest interest in the subject matter and want to have a positive impact in their community. Volunteers should also be willing to meet regularly (usually monthly) with the committee. Residency in the City of Pine City is preferred, and may be required.

The various committees, boards, and commissions include:

  • Planning Commission – guides the preparation and maintenance of the City's Comprehensive Plan, conducts hearings and makes recommendations to the City Council on proposed changes affecting land uses within the City, and considers site plan reviews and conditional use permits. 
    • Currently 1 opening
  • Economic Development Authority (EDA) - seeks to improve the economic condition of Pine City by attracting incoming businesses and supporting those already here.
  • Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA) - is an entity established by the City of Pine City to help facilitate housing needs in our community.
  • Parks & Recreation Committee - is responsible for making recommendations for improvements and capital expenditures for City parks and recreation programs.
  • Public Works Committee - is responsible for the identification, review, and monitoring of issues which may affect the general maintenance and operations of the City’s water, sewer and roads.
    • Currently openings
  • Liquor Committee – provides supervision and guidance on municipal liquor operations and makes recommendations concerning marketing, sales, staffing, inventory, purchasing, and facilities.
  • Ordinance Review Committee – reviews approved Ordinances, drafts ordinance revisions and presents their recommendations for City Council approval.
    • Currently 4 openings
  • Library Board – provides guidance and recommendations to City Council for the library budget and library facilities maintenance.